What is Laminate Underlayment and Why Do You Need It?

dark brown laminate floor with underlayment and white furniture on top

We love laminate floors. We can admire the beauty, the texture, laminate floor provides because we can see it. This is why laminate flooring is so popular. It’s a great way to get the look of natural materials without all of the expense and maintenance that comes with them. The laminate flooring itself may be beautiful to look at, but the laminate underlayment is just as important. This layer of material lies between the flooring and the subfloor and helps to improve the overall stability and function of your laminate floor. It also helps to insulate your floor and reduce noise

If you are considering laminate flooring for your home, be sure to also consider the quality of the laminate underlayment. This ensures that your laminate floor will look great and perform well for years to come. Contact us today to learn more!

dark brown laminate floor with underlayment and white furniture on top

Learn About Laminate Underlayment

What is Laminate Underlayment?

Laminate floor underlayment is a crucial step in the installation process of laminate flooring. The underlayment provides a layer of cushioning and insulation between the laminate flooring and the subfloor. This helps to protect the laminate from damage, as well as to reduce noise and vibrations. Additionally, it can help to extend the life of your laminate flooring.

There are a variety of different types of laminate floor underlayment available on the market. It is important to select an underlayment that is compatible with your specific laminate flooring. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions or carefully or contact us to determine which type of underlayment is best for your flooring.

Whilst some laminate planks come with laminate underlayment, it is not optional. If your laminate planks don’t have it already attached, we recommend that you buy rolls of underlayment on which to install your laminate floor. This will help protect your laminate from damage and increase its lifespan.


Why Is Laminate Underlayment Important?

The importance of laminate underlayment can’t be overstated. It is a crucial part of the laminate flooring installation process, and it helps to ensure your new floor looks great and lasts for years.

Laminate flooring is made of several layers. The top layer is the laminate itself, which is usually a wood or stone pattern. Beneath that is the underlayment, a thin layer of foam or other material. And beneath that is the subfloor, the actual surface you walk on.

The laminate flooring installation process begins with installing the underlayment. This layer provides cushioning and insulation, which help to protect your laminate from damage. It also ensures that your floor will be level and stable, preventing it from wobbling or buckling over time. This ensures that the laminate floor is protected and maintains its stunning appearance for years to come. Installing high quality laminate underlayment provides homeowners with peace of mind as they know their floor will not need maintenance or changing for many years.

Laminate underlayment ensures the safety of the floor. By ensuring its stability, it prevents the floor from slipping of gathering, causing people to trip or fall. Furthermore, it ensures the integrity of the floor as it prevents liquids from seeping into the floor and causing the laminate to become deformed.


Vapour Barriers

What are vapour barriers and what do they have to do with laminate underlayment?

Vapour barriers are particularly important on concrete floors. A floor vapour barrier is typically a sheet of plastic that slows moisture from moving through a wall or subfloor. This layer of protection is important because it helps to keep humidity levels in check, which can help to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Additionally, a vapour barrier can help to improve the insulation of your floor, which can lead to energy savings.

Even if your laminate planks have a vapour barrier, it never hurts to add another. If mistakes are made during installation, tears in the material can violate the integrity of the vapour barrier and prevent it from doing its job. Therefore, we do often suggest that adding another vapour barrier alongside laminate underlayment is important in preserving your floor.


Factors to Consider

When installing laminate flooring, it is important to use a quality laminate floor underlayment. This will protect the laminate flooring from moisture damage and also provide a cushioning layer, which will make the floor more comfortable to walk on.

Generally, most types of underlay are suitable with laminate flooring, due to the fact that laminate flooring is fitted as a floating floor, with no need to be fixed with nails, glues or staples. However, it is important to choose an underlayment that is compatible with the type of laminate flooring you are using.

It is important to consider the type of floor your laminate underlayment is being placed on.


Concrete Subfloor

If your sub-floor is made of concrete, then it is necessary that you use a moisture resistant underlay. This will protect the laminate flooring from moisture damage and help to keep the flooring in good condition for years to come. This type of underlay will ensure your planks will not swell and get damaged from mould; this ensures the floor stays pristine for years to come.


Wooden sub-floors

If your sub-floor is made of wood, then there is a range of underlays to choose from and your final selection should be based on a few factors.

If you want to create a quiet environment into the room, you are fitting your laminate flooring the best option would be to invest in a sound resistant underlay. This will help to block any noise that may come from the laminate flooring and make the room more peaceful and reduce echoes. Rubber laminate underlays are perfect here as they make a large impact on sound and protects your floor from moisture.

To keep energy prices low, we recommend installing a thermal insulation laminate underlay. This will help to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer, as the laminate flooring will not absorb heat. This is perfect for those who want to save a few pennies on their energy bills!

For extra comfort underfoot, we recommend using a padded laminate underlay. This will make walking on the laminate flooring more comfortable and reduce noise. This is particularly perfect in living rooms and bedrooms where comfort is particularly important.

If you wish to install underfloor heating, you can select a laminate underlay designed to accommodate this. It is important to ensure your laminate underlay is compatible with underfloor heating as the heat could cause the floor to warp and damage your floors.


Why Tech Flooring?

At Tech Flooring, we understand that quality should not break the bank. We provide the best quality flooring and laminate underlayment at an affordable price. Our experts are always on hand to recommend the best laminate underlay for your home and install it for you. Our team can ensure your floor stays beautiful for years to come.

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