How to take care of your vinyl floor

By 14th December 2021Vinyl
brown cushioned chair, against a white wall, with black vinyl records sat on a wooden vinyl floor

Looking for “vinyl fitters near me”? Well look no further, Techflooring should be your go-to company for purchasing, fitting and caring for your vinyl floor. Vinyl floors are known for being some of the most durable and water-resistant floors. However, vinyl floors still need some TLC to stay in the best condition possible. By looking after your vinyl floors properly, they are able to stay looking fresh for years to come.

Here at Techflooring, we stock and install incredible quality floors at affordable prices. When we install a vinyl floor, we want to make sure that it lasts you for many years to come. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your vinyl floor.

brown cushioned chair, against a white wall, with black vinyl records sat on a wooden vinyl floor

Care for your Vinyl Floor

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Spills and stains

Listen, spills and splashes are bound to happen. Whether it’s a dropped chocolate bar or a slip with a glass of wine, accidents happen. Vinyl floors in kitchens are particularly prone to spills and splashes- like oil spits. Although vinyl floors are quite stain resistant, it’s important to not let spills sit for too long. Leaving spills or splashes for too long can cause permanent stain damage to your floor. When a spill happens, quickly go in and wipe it away. If it is a more stubborn splash, go in with a spot cleaner to remove it. This will keep your floor looking clean and fresh.


Cleaning- dos and don’ts

We are often asked how many times a week you should be cleaning your vinyl floor. Although this differs from household to household, it’s a good idea to give your vinyl floor a clean once every 1 to 2 weeks. Sweeping regularly is the key to keeping your floor fresh. Just quickly going over your vinyl floor with a broom every day is a great idea. This removes surface level dust, dirt and crumbs.

Adopting a low-impact cleaning technique is a good idea. Rather than blasting away at splashes and dirt once a fortnight, choose the gentle, regular cleaning method instead. This is much kinder on your vinyl floor and keeps it in good condition.


Watch out for water

Whilst vinyl is a very water-resistant floor, it is important not to drench your floor when you clean it. Using a soaking mop can mean that water works its way into the cracks and can cause permanent damage. Using an overly wet mop can also cause the edges of your vinyl to curl. A lightly damp mop, paired with a spot cleaner, should be sufficient to gently clean your vinyl floor.


Preserve the shine!

A crucial element to looking after your vinyl floor is to check whether it is a ‘wax’ or ‘no-wax’ floor. No-wax vinyl has a built-in shine layer that could be damaged by adding wax. If your no-wax floor loses its shine, go in with a polish or sealant that is specifically for no-wax floors. Always check your cleaning products before applying them to see if they are suitable for your type of vinyl floor.


Interested in having a vinyl floor installed? Contact us today! We want to be your go-to “vinyl fitters near me” help you pick out the perfect vinyl floor.


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