Top tips to keep your carpet looking brand new!

By 25th August 2021Carpet
A black fluffy dog on a gorgeous greay shagpile carpet, sitting next to a coffee table.

Keeping your carpets fresh and clean is a must for any home

When your carpets look and feel good, your home has a cleaner, lighter energy that can brighten up your day. Keeping your carpets pristine isn’t just as simple as vacuuming every day. There are other tips and tricks you can use to have your carpet looking brand new for years to come! If you are looking for carpets, we here at Tech Flooring are here to help. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for keeping your carpet looking fresh.

A black fluffy dog on a gorgeous greay shagpile carpet, sitting next to a coffee table.

Top tips to keep your new carpet looking fresh

Add in rugs

Adding rugs on top of carpets can seem counter-intuitive at first, but this is a really great way to add dimension and style to your room whilst protecting your carpets. Experiment with different colours and textures to fit your desired look. Having a rug protects your carpet from being worn down and can be easily taken out and cleaned or replaced if needed.

Deep clean twice a year

This might seem like a lot of effort, but deep cleaning your carpets twice a year is essential to their upkeep and helps maintain their freshness. Hire a carpet cleaner for the weekend and do it yourself or book a professional to come in and take care of everything.

Watch out for shoes

This may seem obvious but it is surprising how much damage shoes can cause to carpets.  Especuially when you are looking for carpets. Leaving shoes on when walking across carpeted areas can track mud, dirt and leaves into the carpet. This means it will need to be vacuumed more often which, in turn, means it will wear down faster. The shoes themselves can press and wear down carpets as well. Taking your shoes off at the door means your carpets can be lower maintenance and last for longer. If you’re looking at flooring for a high traffic foot area, laminate or vinyl can be a better option that won’t wear down.

Vacuum regularly

This is a sure-fire way to keep your carpets looking fresh. Vacuuming once a week helps maintain your carpets. Changing the filter and bags inside your vacuum helps it perform better for your carpet. A great tip is to vacuum slower on carpets than you would on hardwood floors. Spending slightly more time means all the dirt gets removed and your carpet stays cleaner for longer.

Get rid of stains immediately

It can be tempting to leave a stain if you’re super busy but dealing with a stain as soon as it happens is the best way to get rid of it. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove. Blot don’t scrub as you remove the stain or spill to prevent it from spreading further. Mud can be scraped off with a knife and then vacuumed away.

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