Top tips on how to clean and remove stains from carpets

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Carpet stains - our tips for removing them at Tech Floors

So you’ve chosen the perfect carpet from us – then disaster strikes! Here is some tips on how to clean and remove stains from carpets

Oops! We’ve all been there. Just a slip of your coffee mug or an enthusiastic five-year-old with a paint pot and disaster strikes. Somehow, it’s always on the carpet that the worst spills happen. Not to worry! We here at Tech Flooring know how important your carpets are to you and we want to help save them from little spills and stains. Here are our top tips on how to clean and remove stains from carpets.

How to clean and remove stains from carpets

When you clean and remove stains from carpets always remember blot don’t scrub!

This is easily the best tip for removing stains. Blotting instead of scrubbing helps remove the stain without pushing it further into the carpet. Place a kitchen cloth in the centre of the stain and soak it up. Then, carefully dry/blot with another cloth working from the outside in. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and blot again. Remember- scrubbing can ruin your carpet fibres and push the dirt further in so always blot!

Water based stains

These types of stains can come from ink, juice, milk, alcohol or mud. Make a cleaning solution of ¼ teaspoons of cleaning detergent (non-bleach) and 900ml of water. Surprisingly, a good DIY cleaning agent lying around at home is white vinegar. If you’re out of cleaning detergent, use white vinegar instead for easy stain removal.

Homemade stain remover to clean and remove stains from carpets

A quick recipe for stain remover is 900ml of warm water with one teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid. Then add a small amount of white wine vinegar to make the perfect DIY stain remover. Make sure you don’t over-wet the stain. Too much water can damage the carpet. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then blot to remove.

What about wine stains?

Spilling red wine on the carpet is a classic ‘oh no!’ moment that can look scarily permanent on the white carpet. However, there is a simple, home remedy fix. Sparkling water surprisingly works really well to remove wine or juice stains. Spritz over the stain, leave to sit, and then carefully blot away.

Hard stains

Things like chocolate, mud or candle wax can be a little harder to remove. An easy solution is to use a knife to scrape away as much as possible before going in with a stain remover. Vacuuming can be a better option when it comes to removing dirt as you don’t have to worry about pushing the dirt further into your carpet. With candle wax spills, use an ice pack to help harden the wax before going in to scrape it up.

To clean and remove stains from carpets doesn’t have to be panic-stricken scrubbing. We hope you have liked our top tips on how to clean and remove stains from carpets. Carefully putting together a simple cleaning solution and blotting the stain away leaves you free to enjoy your carpet whenever.

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Hope our tips on how you can clean and remove stains from carpets have helped.

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