The Hottest Carpet Trends for 2024

carpet trends 2024, modern cream carpet

You can’t go wrong with a carpet. They bring comfort and style to any room in the home and are always a fantastic option. However, carpet trends are always changing and it is important to stay up to date. So, our experts have put together this blog to identify the hottest carpet trends of 2024.

carpet trends 2024, modern cream carpet

The Most Exciting Carpet Trends for 2024


One of the most exciting carpet trends that we have seen gaining popularity in recent times is the use of Japanese-inspired designs. This trend celebrates soft greys and muted pastels that can be accented by black and reds. Harmony sees interiors take inspiration from some Japanese traditions and gardens, with minimalist features and natural materials being key. If you’re looking to create a zen-like atmosphere in your home, this could be the trend for you!

This trend utilises plants to anchor to our natural world but does not shy away from everything urban. The use of wood, bamboo, and stone give a natural feeling to the room whilst the addition of plants help to remind us of our connection to nature. Utilising light coloured carpets or tiles adds to the serene feel of this trend, whilst providing the comfort you require in your space.



With calmness being a key part of many carpet trends, exploration epitomises this. As a reaction to all the never-ending chaos that spins around us, this trend is best summed up by the want for a new order of fairness inspired by long term optimism. People are looking for a way to disconnect from the digital world and ground themselves in physical spaces.

The colour pallet is warm and dark punctuated by Rich Velvet Blue and Walnut Brown and there is plenty of nods to pattern, metallics and fine craftsmanship resulting in the use of plenty of rich materials including brass, marble and crystal. Carpets help to create a sense of permanence and grounding in a world that feels increasingly chaotic. This trend provides an air of class and sophistication, whilst still bringing the comfort of home.



All carpet trends must consider the communal element of a living space or hallway. This trend derives from society’ collective power. We as a community have the desire to collaborate for the benefit of all. Because of this, ethics play an influential part in decision making of shoppers, as well as the adoption of a carefree and flexible approach. Hence, style choices tend to celebrate diversity and sustainability.

Like many things nowadays, carpet trends in 2024 prioritise sustainability. Wool carpets are a key way to adopt a sustainable approach. Wool provides comfort, but importantly absorbs sound and volatile organic compounds, as well as controlling moisture in your home. The beauty of carpets is that they allow homeowners to express themselves. Bold colours or even earthen tones can be utilised to revolutionise your home whilst keeping costs relatively low and supporting sustainable lifestyles. Revamping your home can be affordable as well as sustainable!



This trend emphasises the connection between sustainability and technology and is the most experimental of all the carpet trends discussed. The revolution trend is a reaction to the concerns of the younger generation regarding mass urbanisation and climate change. This trend is characterised by “what if?” styles that are both experimental and unconventional. As a result, we have begun to spot somewhat unusual combinations introduced to interior design.

Some of the most popular materials used in these carpet trends include wood, stone, and concrete to incorporate autumnal tones with spring pastel shades. Carpets are also making a comeback with this trend, as they provide a warm and comfortable feel to any room. Carpets also add some colour and interest to a room without going too crazy with your design choices. Hence, there is a careful and effective balance between innovation and style present with this trend.


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