How to clean your luxury vinyl tiling floors

By 10th August 2021LVT
how to clean your LVT floor

Luxury Vinyl Tiling Floors

Luxury vinyl tiling floors are a popular option for flooring and it’s easy to see why. It is durable, comfortable and stylish. LVT can mimic classic wood or stone floors and looks almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Another benefit to installing LVT flooring is that it can be made much thinner than regular flooring. The thinness means you can install the flooring without disrupting your skirting boards.

But, once you’ve had your LVT installed, what is the best way to go about cleaning it? Cleaning your floor incorrectly can damage your floor and shorten its lifespan. Here at Tech Flooring, we want to help you get the most from your LVT floors. To make it easier, here are the simple steps you can take to effectively clean your luxury vinyl tiling floor.

how to clean your luxury vinyl tiling floor

how to clean your luxury vinyl tiling floor

Step 1- Sweep

Going over your luxury vinyl tiling floor with a dust pan and brush or broom is the first step. This sweeping gets rid of surface level, loose dirt. Doing a quick sweep daily means your floor stays clean for longer and won’t need weekly deep cleans. Another tip is to keep doormats or rugs at all door entrances. This stops dirt from getting on the floor in the first place. A similar tip is to have a shoes off rule for the LVT floor, helping it last for longer.

Step 2- Hoover

The next step is to go in with a hoover. Make sure your hoover is on the right setting so it doesn’t damage the floor. It’s a good idea to change your hoover bag filter so the hoover can clean your floor more efficiently. Take your time vacuuming and make sure no spots are missed. If you have time, gently lift furniture out of the way to vacuum underneath. When moving furniture, always lift instead of dragging to prevent scratching.

Step 3- Mop

This step should be done once a week. Use a well-wrung mop with lukewarm water to clean the floor. It’s important not to soak the floor as this can damage it. You can use a mild cleaning solution to help but make sure it is LVT safe first. If there are any tough spots, go in with a small cloth to do spot cleaning. A good tip is to use one mop for cleaning and another for rinsing to get a shiny finish.

Spills and splashes do happen but it is crucial to clean them up as soon as possible! If it is allowed to sit on the floor for too long, your floor can be stained permanently.

By following these simple steps, your luxury vinyl tiling floor will stay in peak condition and look brand new for years to come!

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