How to prepare for wooden subfloor installation

how to prepare a wooden subfloor

DIY or get a professional in?

Once you’ve decided on what new flooring you want installed, maybe you want a new wooden subfloor? The next step is to prepare the subfloor. How to do this depends on what subfloor you have. Concrete and wooden floors have very different preparation methods. Here at Tech Flooring, we professionally install incredible floors. However, flooring prep is very important. We advise that you seek a professional to prep your floor. Incorrect subfloor prep can shorten the lifespan of your floors and cause damage to your new floor.

However, if you’re looking to prepare your wooden subfloor, we’ve put together some basic tips and tricks to help.

how to prepare a wooden subfloor

how to prepare a wooden subfloor

Remove the old floor

This is a particular step that we recommend you bring professionals in to do. Not only does the old floor need to be removed but also the sealants and adhesives it leaves behind. Sometimes old floors leave paint behind and this can cause chipping. Scrape away any glue or paint.

Inspect the wooden subfloor

It’s important to take the time to properly inspect your subfloor. Look for any irregularities, bumps or holes. Any protruding nails/screwheads should be nailed down. You also want to check for any squeaky or loose floorboards. You can screw or nail down loose boards or even replace them if you are able to. If you come across any issues, hire a professional to come in and take a look to avoid permanent damage to your subfloor.

Ensure the subfloor is level

This is a crucial step. The subfloor needs to be level so that your new floor can be laid down smoothly. Use a level and tape measure to check that the floor is level. Look for any holes and fill them in. Any low points can also be filled in with floor levelling compound. High points can be sanded down with sandpaper or screed.

Check the moisture content

This has to be done before proceeding with your new floor installation. If the moisture content of your floor is too high, it could cause rotting, warping and crowning in your new floor. Use a moisture kit to test this or hire a professional.

Clean your wooden subfloor

Thoroughly clean your subfloor so that it is ready for your new flooring. Sweep away any loose dirt or dust. Then go over the subfloor with a hoover. Make sure your hoover is on the right setting to efficiently vacuum the floor. Then go in with a mop. A good tip is to use two mops- one for cleaning and one for rinsing. Make sure your floor is given enough time to fully dry before installation occurs.

Looking to have a new wooden floor installed? We’re here to help. Get in touch today to find out more. We install beautiful floors in a range of designs and materials. Contact us today for expert advice and a free, no-obligation quote.

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