How long does a carpet last?

By 31st August 2021Carpet
Picture looking down onto a staircase - a recent installation from Tech Floors London

Carpet life – How long does a carpet last?

When choosing a flooring for your home, carpets are the obvious option that provide a blend of style and comfort. But how long does a carpet last for? Well, we are here from Tech Flooring to answer your questions and give you all the information you need about carpeting your home.

How long does a carpet last? Picture looking down onto a staircase - a recent installation from Tech Floors London 5-15 years?

How long a carpet lasts for can be anywhere between 5 to 15 years and this is affected by the quality as well as maintenance. Wool carpets, though more expensive than Nylon ones, are very durable and good as a form of insulation as well as sound proofing. Wool carpets are fairly easy to maintain and are good for high foot traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms and staircases.


However, the carpet material that lasts the longest is nylon. Nylon is not as luxurious as wool as it is made of synthetic fibres but, because of its synthetic nature, it comes in a wide range of colours and styles. It can withstand mess, pet paws, regular hoovering and small spills so it is easy to maintain. A high-quality nylon carpet can last between 12-15 years. Want to learn more about our range of nylon carpets? Contact us today for a quote.


It’s important to consider what area of your house you want the installation in. For example, the bedroom can have softer pile as it is more comfortable and has less foot traffic going through it. Whereas, somewhere like a hallway or staircase needs a more durable material and pile to cope with foot traffic.


Cleaning your carpets semi-regularly helps prolong their life. How long does a carpet last? Well that depends on how you are taking care of your carpets and cleaning process. Hoovering once a week eliminates surface level loose dirt but more ingrained dirt will need a deeper clean. You can book a carpet cleaning company or hire out a carpet cleaner and do it yourself. For heavy use this should be done every 6 months but a less used carpet can go for a year without needing to be deep cleaned. If your carpet is a darker colour, it may not be as easy to spot dirt as it is on a white carpet but do not be fooled- all carpets need regular cleaning to help prolong their life and keep them looking fresh.


It is far better to spend a little more on a durable wool or nylon carpet that will last 15 years than to go for a cheap one that will need replacing after 2 years. Here at Tech Flooring, we provide expert help and installation of beautiful wool and nylon carpets. Still unsure at how long does a carpet last for? Then Contact us today for more information on how long does a carpet last for questions or to get a quote for your home.

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