Five ideas for your hallway

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Lets explore five ideas for your hallway. Often, hallways can be overlooked in a house or commercial property. They are transitional spaces that hold a place together. However, here at Tech Flooring, we believe that hallways can be the most exciting places in a home.

Most of the time, the hallway is the first place you come into when entering a home. It creates the first impression. It’s also the place you come into first when coming back from a day at work, night out or holiday. Hallways are the most underutilised rooms in the home and we want that to change. Not sure where to start? Never fear, we’ve rounded up five ideas for your hallway to live up to its full design potential.

Stylish floor in hallway - Explore five ideas for your hallway

Choose the right floor with our five ideas for your hallway

Finding the perfect floor for your hallway can be tricky. Due to the heavy foot traffic, the flooring must be durable. A great floor that blends style and practicality is luxury vinyl tiling.

Luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) is a synthetic floor that is super durable and stylish. It is made from layers of PVC vinyl. The top layer can be embossed to look like grooves. Because it is tougher than average vinyl, it looks and feels more similar to traditional wood floors. In fact, it is almost indistinguishable to wooden or stone floors.

LVT is a great choice for your hallway as it is durable and stylish- coming in a wide range of designs. Interested in LVT? We are industry experts and would love to help. Get in touch today to find out more about our range.

Add interest with wallpaper

Choosing a funky patterned wallpaper is a great way to add interest to your hallway. Pair a fun wallpaper with simple furniture and neutral flooring to really bring it out.

Don’t forget about storage in your hallway

Because hallways can be cramped, adding storage is a good idea. Putting rattan baskets out for general mess means your hallway can stay clear. Another tip is to put out a shoe rack so that shoes can stay clear of the door. This helps your hallway look uncluttered and keeps the focus on your design elements rather than mess.

Add rugs

This is great if you have a ‘shoes-off’ household. Guests can pop their shoes in the shoe rack and instantly have a nice shaggy rug underfoot. Rugs are also a great way to add pops of colour.

Try mirrors

Adding mirrors is a great way to make your hallway space feel less cramped. It’s also useful to do quick outfit checks before you head out the door!

Want to learn more about LVT floors for your hallway? Contact us today to get helpful information and a free no obligation quote. Want more tips like our article ‘five ideas for your hallway?’ then click the other sections in this blog for more great stylish ideas for your home.

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