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a beautiful statehome internal home image showing parquet flooring

Parquet Flooring

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Making a come back in modern design – Lets talk parquet flooring

Parquet flooring have a timeless look and are present in many homes. Recently, they have been making a comeback in modern style interiors. The herringbone and chevron styles are particularly popular.

a beautiful statehome internal home image showing parquet flooring


Geometric design records show that parquet flooring was originally introduced in France during the 16th Century. The design was created by wooden blocks of different sizes and colours being laid in a geometric pattern. Simple wooden plank flooring did exist at this time. However, new innovations in tongue and grooves meant that floors suddenly became more extravagant.

These extravagant, wooden floors replaced the stone and marble ones of grand houses. This was because parquet flooring was cheaper and easier to install than the old stone and marble. During the 1600s, parquet was the height of sophistication and elegance in stately homes and palaces. King Louis XIV of France installed stunning parquet floors in Versailles in 1680. This sparked a trend for parquet floors across Europe and they became a must-have for anyone seeking elegance.

History of parquet

Parquet floors arrived in England in the 17th Century. This was when Queen Henrietta Maria made Somerset House her official residency. She demanded a full re-decoration and wanted the lavish French parquet floors installed.

Parquet floors were still trendy in the 18th Century. They became even more extravagant and were used to display wealth and opulence.

However, with the rising popularity of textiles, parquet fell out of fashion. People began installing carpets over parquet floors. Amazingly, many incredible parquet floors have been revealed across Europe when carpets have been removed. Some of these floors have stayed hidden and in perfect condition for over 50 years!

Parquet floors today

Recently, parquet flooring have come back into style and are appearing in many homes. The classic herringbone or chevron design looks clean and adds warmth to any room. At Tech Flooring, we offer parquet styles on vinyl floors. This means you can get the classic look of parquet, without the difficult upkeep.

Dark coloured parquet flooring pair well with charcoal or grey walls. This pairing can make a big room feel more intimate and cosy. If you have a smaller space, choosing a lighter coloured parquet will help make it feel bigger. They are often used to add a sense of heritage and expand a room. Parquet style vinyl floors look great in kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms!

Vinyl is waterproof, durable and stain resistant. It is also a low maintenance surface. This means you won’t have to be scrubbing and hoovering all the time. Get the parquet look in your home without having to compromise on upkeep or budget.

Interested in having the parquet flooring style installed in your home? Get in touch today to learn more. We are industry experts, committed to helping you get the most out of your flooring. Contact us today for advice and to get a free, no obligations quote.