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A grey, concrete bedroom, with a white bed and large window

Trend Spot: Concrete Style Interiors

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Here at Tech Flooring, we like keeping up with the latest trends in interior design. By keeping up to date with the most stylish interiors, we can help your property get that perfect blend of style and practicality.

Choosing the right floor for your property is the best way to start when thinking about a design or re-vamp. Floors are the foundation of any room. Whilst your décor around can change, your floor will stay the same for a significant stretch of time. This means it is vital to pick the right one. At Tech Flooring, we can help you with the whole flooring process. From choosing the right floor to installation, we will be with you every step of the way.

Today’s trend that we are going to dive deeper into is concrete style interiors.

A grey, concrete bedroom, with a white bed and large window

Combining Concrete and Comfort

Using concrete in interiors for flooring, walls, furniture and decoration has been on the rise in popularity. This is linked to the trend for industrial style interiors. The industrial style tends to feature metal furniture, neutral colours and bare bricks. It is a stripped back style that takes inspiration from factories and warehouses.

Not sure about the industrial style? Surprisingly, the industrial style can suit a lot of different properties. The style is very flexible. You can mix elements of industrial style with different textures, patterns and colours to make it your own. Imitation concrete can be a great way to get the industrial look.

Why imitation concrete?

A concrete floor is stylish and works well in any property. However, real concrete can be cold and uncomfortable underfoot. A great alternative is to get imitation concrete. Here at Tech Flooring, we offer concrete style floors in LVT, vinyl and laminate. In this way, you can get the concrete look but with much easier maintenance. Any spills or splashes can easily be wiped away without worrying about staining.

Get the look

Why not try LVT or vinyl concrete-style flooring for your kitchen or bathroom? The concrete style gives your space a clean and airy look. LVT or vinyl are also great choices because they are super durable and waterproof.

You can pair concrete-style floors with metal or wooden furniture for the industrial look. For a more minimalistic, Nordic inspired look, try pairing the floors with patterned cushions and furniture. Pair the concrete floors with neutral walls. These could be darker or lighter in tone depending on your preference. A darker toned wall will make the room feel cosy. Whilst a lighter wall colour will make the room feel bigger.

Having a concrete floor is a simple but classic base that goes with everything. Try experimenting with different colours, textures and patterns to show off your individual style.

Interested in having concrete-style flooring installed in your home? Get in touch today to find out more. We are industry experts and are happy to help with any questions or queries you may have about flooring. Contact us today to book a free, no obligation consultation.

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Black Sofa in Open Living room-diner, with brick interior

Trend Spot: Glam Industrial

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Here at Tech Flooring, we are always on the lookout for new trends and emerging popular interior design styles. By staying on top of the latest trends, we can help your residential or commercial property look modern and stylish.

One new interior design style that has been gaining popularity recently is ‘Glam Industrial’. This has been affectionately named by some as ‘GlamDustrial’. This trend works to bring together two styles that are almost opposites- but somehow it really works! Read on to find out how you can bring the ‘GlamDustrial’ look to your property.

Black Sofa in Open Living room-diner, with brick interior

Discover this Unique New Trend in Interior Design

What is Glam Industrial?

Essentially, GlamDustrial is the meeting of elegance and the industrial style. This could mean mixing opulent carpets with rough brick walls. Or pairing industrial style walls and floors with elegant, French style furniture. It is the pairing of the rough with the elegant to create a brilliant equilibrium.

This is the natural progression from the long-popular ‘shabby chic’ style. This was a style that encouraged furniture and surroundings to have a slightly worn look and feel. Elegant furniture was painted with rough, white paint to add texture and interest.

The GlamDustrial movement separates the rough from the elegant and allows them to co-exist.

How to get the ‘GlamDustrial’ look?

The GlamDustrial look is surprisingly easy to create in your property.

To start with, try pairing a classic patterned style floor with industrial metal furniture. You could try a Victorian tile style using vinyl flooring. LVT floors are also a good option and come in lots of different designs. Pairing a classic tile style floor with industrial metal furniture creates a subtle GlamDustrial look.

You could also try it the other way and use an industrial style floor with elegant furnishings. Try an LVT stone style floor in grey or black. Then pair this with elegant furniture. Accenting the industrial features with silver, gold or rose gold metals adds to the GlamDustrial look and ties the room together.

Exposed brick walls pair beautifully with grey LVT stone style floors. You can then add elegant accents like fluffy carpets and comfortable sofas.

What’s so fun about this trend is that you can choose exactly how much you want of it. If you prefer the industrial style, you can just add subtle accents of elegance to bring dimension. If you prefer the glam style, just add accents like an industrial style floor.

The GlamDustrial style can add elegance and warmth to a room that could otherwise be overwhelming or cold.

Interested in getting the GlamDustrial look? Contact us today to find out about re-vamping your home with expertly installed floors. We install vinyl, LVT, laminate and carpet- so there’s something for whatever style you’re after. We are industry experts and can advise on the best floors for your property. Get in touch today to get a free quote or order a sample to try out at home.

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Trend Spot: Cottagecore

Trend Spot: Cottagecore

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There are so many different interior design trends and styles out there. This means when it comes to re-vamping your property, it can be a little overwhelming. It is so important not only to consider furniture when re-decorating, but also walls and flooring. Flooring is the foundation of a room and that’s why it is so important to get it right. Here at Tech Flooring, we want to make the whole flooring choosing and installation process as easy as possible. To help you find the right style for your home, we’ve been diving deeper into some of the latest trends in interior design.

Trend Spot: Cottagecore

Cottagecore embraces simplicity and focuses on bringing a sense of nature indoors

This week, we’re having a closer look at the cottagecore interior design style.

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore embraces simplicity and focuses on bringing a sense of nature indoors. It also draws inspiration from a traditional, country-style way of living. Home-baked bread, floral patterns and wooden furniture perfectly sums up the cottagecore style. It is popular for its take on slow-living. In this way, cottagecore prioritises finding joy within the home rather than external events.

How to get the look

This is all very well, but how does the cottagecore trend translate into an accessible interior design look? It is actually surprisingly easy to get the cottagecore look. It’s up to you how much of the look you want to incorporate into your home. You can go for just accents of the look with floral patterns, candles or flowers presented in a jam jar. It can be fun, however, to get fully into the look and for something bolder.

Laminate and vinyl cottagecore floors

 Laminate and vinyl floors are a perfect option to integrate the cottagecore look into your home. Opting for an imitation wood floor in laminate or vinyl looks great in any home. This is much cheaper than choosing a real wooden floor. It is also much easier to maintain. Vinyl floors can be easily wiped clean. You also don’t have to worry about splinters or chipping with vinyl floors.

Patterned vinyl floors can also work really well within the cottagecore style. Why not try a Victorian tile style in your kitchen or bathroom?

Bringing it all together

It is so important that you tie all of these elements together when creating a cottagecore-style room. Neutral walls pair well with the look. Imitation wood floors bring that sense of nature that is crucial with this style. Patterned tablecloths, throws and pillows are an essential part of the overall look. This means that you will want to choose a subtle wall colour like cream, grey or pale green. Add fun accents like jars of flowers or wall hangings. It’s a nice touch to get second-hand or reclaimed furniture. This goes with the ‘slow-living’ element of the trend.

As winter draws near, you may not be able to see nature in full bloom. Instead, why not bring nature into your home? Decorate with real (or fake) plants to make the room feel greener and brighter.

Interested in having new flooring installed? Contact us today to learn more.

Black Floors

Trend Spot: Back to Black

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Here at Tech Flooring, we love staying on top of the latest flooring and interior design trends. Keeping you up to date with the latest trends means you can have the most stylish, fashionable and comfortable properties. Looking for good quality laminate flooring near me? Well, look no further!

Today, we want to dive into a trend that has been on the rise recently. This is the trend for using lots of black in interior design. Black is often avoided in decoration from fear of creating a ‘gloomy’ atmosphere. However, when used correctly, black can actually make a space feel warmer and more put together.

Black Floors

Today, we want to dive into a trend that has been on the rise recently

Timeless and elegant, you can use black to make a statement or create subtle dimensions in your home.

Black Floors

This might seem quite intimidating at first, but black floors can look amazing. Searching for good quality laminate flooring near me? Black laminate floors could be your answer.

Try pairing black floors with white walls and furniture. Another way to get the black floor look is to choose a dark/black LVT wood style floor.

If the black floor feels too intense, try toning it down with a grey rug. You can also pair a black floor with a dark wall colour. This can make a room feel cosy and warm.

Lighter toned, wood or metal furniture pairs well with dark floors. Black floors can be a bold or subtle statement depending on your tastes. Overall, it creates a stylish and modern look.

What floor should I go for?

It really depends on what room you are installing the flooring in. LVT and laminate works beautifully in hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. Vinyl has waterproof properties and so works perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms.

You can get these floors in black colours or look at getting a dark wood finish.

Have fun with tiles

A fun way to play with the black design trend is to go for black and white tile style floors. These could be in a Victorian tile, mosaic or classic checked style. These patterned floors are particularly nice in kitchens and bathrooms. They can sometimes give a trendy vintage look.

By choosing black and white tiles, you can then have fun with colour in other places. Try pairing black and white tiles with colourful kitchen cabinets or furniture. It can look funky to add colourful towels into a black and white bathroom.

Other interior options

If you are nervous about styling black interior elements, wood is a good answer. Black LVT, laminate or vinyl floors look great with wooden furniture. Searching for good quality laminate flooring near me? Contact Tech Flooring today to get a free quote.

Another option is to get fully into the trend and pair your black floor with black furniture. This may seem like overkill but, when paired with white walls, this gives a sleek and stylish look.

We are loving this black trend! Interested in finding good quality laminate flooring near me? Get in touch today to find out how we can install some top quality flooring for you!


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