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brown click laminate flooring and beige seat

How to Style Click Laminate Flooring

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Today, we discuss the benefits of click laminate flooring.

Whilst some people may turn their noses up at the thought of laminate floors, we understand its true value. The benefits of click laminate flooring are endless and we absolutely love it.

brown click laminate flooring and beige seat

Click Laminate Flooring Styles for Your Home

Price of Click Laminate Flooring

Look, if we could, we’d all have real hardwood or slate floors in our homes. However, they can be incredibly expensive to source and install. On the other hand, laminate flooring boasts this stunning appearance and can be incredibly effective at mimicking the appearance of the real thing.

The main advantage of click laminate flooring is that it can replicate the pristine appearance of hardwood and slate floors at a fraction of the price. This is incredibly beneficial for homeowners on a budget as click laminate flooring provides a stunning aesthetic without the expensive price tag.

This allows homeowners to really express themselves as they can spend funds on furniture, paint, utilities to create the perfect space. This allows homeowners to save money, but also spend well on other aspects of rooms to create a complete and pristine look throughout the home.


Installation of Click Laminate Flooring

The click laminate floors also comes with an easy installation process. This is due to the fact that the boards simply click together, without the need for nails or glue. This makes it a much less messy and time-consuming process, which is ideal for busy families who do not have the luxury of taking days off work to install their floor. This makes click laminate flooring the perfect DIY project for homeowners who want to save on installation costs.

Because of how easy it is to install, click laminate flooring is far cheaper than real hardwood or slate floors. Unlike wood and slate, there is far less preparation required to ensure the floor does not absorb liquids or move underfoot. This gives homeowners more time to enjoy their floors, and rest assured that their floor will stay strong and look beautiful for years to come.


Hardiness of Click Laminate Flooring

Sometimes, wood flooring can be susceptible to damage through moisture, humidity, and mould. This can cause them to rot or warp, ultimately damaging the appearance and integrity of the floor. This can cause homeowners to spend extra funds on protecting their floor, or in the worst case scenario, replace it. This can become incredibly costly to maintain these floors, as well as installing them in the first place. However, click laminate flooring is designed to be resistant to stains, liquids and any damage that it could experience.

Click laminate floors are Water-Resistant, making them ideal for areas of the home that are prone to spills, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This makes them extremely durable and therefore means that homeowners can rest assured knowing they do not need to change their floors for years to come.


Maintaining Click Laminate Flooring

In addition, laminate and vinyl floors are much easier to clean and maintain than their hardwood and slate counterparts. Due to their material and design, cleaning these floors is so easy. This ensures that your floors maintain their stunning appearance and do not become worn or tired like wooden or slate floors can.

Click laminate floors are incredibly easy to clean. Unlike wooden or slate floors, they do not require specialist and expensive products to keep them clean. To clean a laminate floor, all you need is a vacuum cleaner, a microfiber cloth and some water

First, vacuum the floor to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then, dampen your microfiber cloth with some water and gently wipe over the floor. If there are any stubborn marks or stains, you can use a mild detergent on the cloth before wiping. Once you have finished cleaning, allow the floor to air dry completely.

Caring for laminate floors is incredibly easy, meaning that you can enjoy their beauty without having to worry about extensive maintenance. To keep your click laminate floors looking their best, it is important to vacuum them regularly and wipe up any spills as soon as they happen.


Styling Click Laminate Flooring

Click laminate floors are incredibly versatile in their design. You can find them in a variety of colours, patterns and styles to match your décor.

Laminate floor allows homeowners to express themselves through many designs. There are many colours to choose from and the patterns can be very intricate. You can also find a variety of textures to match your style. If you want to replicate the appearance of real hardwood at a fraction of the price, laminate flooring is the perfect solution. When it comes to click laminate flooring, one of the most important things to consider is the style.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. But with a few simple tips, you can easily find the perfect click laminate floor for your home


One of the first things to consider when choosing laminate flooring is the colour. You want to make sure that the colour compliments the overall design of your home. If you have a modern décor, you may want to go with a darker laminate floor. If you have a more traditional décor, you may want to choose a lighter coloured laminate floor



The next thing to consider is the pattern. You want to find a pattern that will complement the style of your home. If you have a modern home, you may want to choose a floor with a more contemporary design. If you have a traditional home, you may want to go with a more classic pattern.


The texture of the click laminate flooring is also important. You want to find a texture that matches the style of your home. If you have a sleek and modern home, you may want to choose a floor with a glossy finish. If you have a more traditional home, you may want to choose a floor with a matte finish.

If you need support or advice on selecting the perfect laminate floor, be sure to contact our experts. We are always on hand to help our clients find the perfect floor for them to enjoy for years to come.


Why Tech Flooring?

If you would like to install click laminate flooring into your home, be sure to contact us today!

At Tech Flooring, we are experts in laminate floors. We stock, supply, and install laminate floors of all forms for any room in the house. To learn more about our products and services, explore our website or contact us today on 0208 150 7213


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sustainable floor in a bedroom

Sustainable Flooring Options for Your Home

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In recent years, eco-friendly flooring has become increasingly popular among homeowners who want to make a positive impact on the environment while also improving the look and feel of their homes. With a growing number of sustainable flooring options available, it’s now easier than ever to make an eco-conscious choice for your home’s flooring.

sustainable floor in a bedroom

Stunning Floors that Save Our Planet

Sustainable Flooring: What is it?

Sustainable flooring refers to any type of floor that is made using eco-friendly materials or manufacturing processes. This includes materials that are renewable, non-toxic, and biodegradable, as well as those that have been recycled or repurposed. Eco-friendly flooring aims to reduce the environmental impact of flooring by minimising the use of resources and harmful chemicals.


Sustainable Flooring Options

Bamboo Flooring

One form of flooring is Bamboo flooring. It is a popular eco-friendly flooring option because it’s highly renewable. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly and doesn’t require the use of fertilizers or pesticides. It’s also highly durable and easy to maintain, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas of the home.


Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is another sustainable flooring option that is made from the bark of cork trees. The bark is harvested without harming the tree, making it a renewable resource. Cork flooring is also highly durable, and hypoallergenic, and provides a soft and comfortable surface to walk on.


Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed wood flooring is a sustainable flooring option that involves using wood that has been salvaged from old buildings, barns, or other structures. By repurposing old wood, homeowners can reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Furthermore, home owners can add a unique and rustic touch to their home’s decor.


Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring is made from all-natural materials. It includes linseed oil, cork powder, and wood flour. It’s highly durable and can last up to 40 years, making it a great long-term investment for homeowners. Linoleum is also non-toxic and biodegradable. Therefore, it is a safe and eco-friendly choice for homes with children and pets.


Recycled Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles made from recycled materials are an excellent sustainable flooring option for homeowners who want the comfort and warmth of carpet but also want to minimize their environmental impact. Recycled carpet tiles are made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and old carpet fibres, making them an excellent way to reduce waste while also creating a stylish and comfortable flooring option.


Benefits of Sustainable Flooring Materials

Reduced Carbon Footprint

One of the most significant benefits of using sustainable flooring materials is that they help to reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly flooring options use fewer resources, produce less waste, and require less energy to manufacture, resulting in a lower carbon footprint overall.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

Some traditional materials, such as carpet and vinyl, can emit volatile organic compounds. These can be harmful to human health. Sustainable flooring materials, such as bamboo and cork, are non-toxic and do not emit harmful chemicals, resulting in improved indoor air quality and a healthier home environment.


Long-Term Savings

While sustainable flooring materials may initially cost more than traditional options, they can actually save homeowners money in the long run. Because many eco-friendly flooring materials are highly durable and long-lasting, they don’t need to be replaced as frequently as traditional flooring options. Naturally, this results in saving costs over time.


Increased Home Value

In addition to the environmental of sustainable flooring, it can also increase the value of your home. Many homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly features, including environmentally friendly flooring. Therefore, this becomes a wise investment for homeowners who may sell their home.


Is Sustainable Flooring Right for You?

In conclusion, eco-friendly flooring is an excellent way for homeowners to make a positive impact on the environment. All whislt improving the look and feel of their homes. With a wide range of sustainable flooring options available, including bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood, linoleum, and recycled carpet tiles, there are plenty of choices for homeowners to choose from.

The benefits of sustainable materials include reduced carbon footprint, improved indoor air quality, long-term savings, and increased home value. By choosing eco-friendly floors, homeowners can create a healthier and more sustainable living environment for themselves and their families, while also contributing to the future for our planet.

It’s important to keep in mind that while eco-friendly flooring may be a more expensive upfront investment, it can save homeowners money in the long run through reduced maintenance costs and increased home value. Furthermore, choosing sustainable flooring options is a small but meaningful way for individuals to contribute to the future for our planet.


Contact Techflooring

If you would like to introduce sustainable flooring to your home, then contact our experts at Techflooring. With a wide variety of sustainable flooring materials, we can help you create the floor of your dreams, all while protecting our environment. Contact us today at 02081 507213 or

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cleaning products ready to clean the best quality laminate flooring

The Best Tips on How to Clean Laminate Flooring

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At Tech Flooring, we are experts in all things laminate flooring. Not only do we stock, distribute and install the best quality laminate flooring, but we also know how to maintain it to ensure it keeps its stunning look for years to come.

The best quality laminate flooring not only looks great, but it is incredibly durable and relatively easy to maintain. It is often used in rooms that experience high levels of traffic, as well as potential spills and dirt. Hence, it is important to ensure that when you clean it, you are doing the job right!

At Tech Flooring, we are dedicated to making sure you love your floor. Therefore, we have written this guide on the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to cleaning laminate floors.

cleaning products ready to clean the best quality laminate flooring

How to Keep Your Laminate Floors Clean

Don’t Let Stains Remain

One of the most important things to remember is that liquids can damage even the best quality laminate flooring. So, it’s critical to minimize exposure to them. This means tackling spills as they happen – don’t wait until the liquid has dried and become a harder-to-remove stain.

In addition to wiping up spills immediately, it’s also important to sweep or vacuum your floors regularly. This will help keep dirt and dust from building up and causing scratches or other damage. By tackling spills and dirt as soon as possible, you reduce the likelihood of them permanently staining your beautiful floor.


Don’t Use Abrasive Equipment

Even the best quality laminate flooring can scratch, so steer clear of anything abrasive such as steel wool. You’ll want to use a soft-bristle broom or dust mop to sweep up debris. Additionally, if you are vacuuming, try to avoid using attachments with sharp bristles or rotating brushes.

The important thing to remember is that dirt and spills can be removed easily from laminate flooring. So, be sure to use soft bristles, or damp mops or materials to clean your floor effectively.


Regularly Mop

To keep your laminate floors fresh, mop them every two months. Make sure to use a wet mop and a detergent that is not too acidic or strong. Be sure to rinse the floors well afterwards to remove any soap residue.

As durable as it may be, even the best quality laminate flooring requires a little TLC. Like any floor, regular care allows you to retain your floor’s stunning appearance for a long time. Additionally, the more it is cared for, the more durable it remains. As spills and liquids are removed, it prevents the floor from absorbing substances that can create damp or mould which could ruin your floor and require a replacement.


Don’t Use Too Much Water

A large quantity of the best quality laminate flooring is waterproof nowadays. However, it is important not to overdo it with water when cleaning. Too much water can lead to seepage and warping. This can cause the floor to begin to move underfoot, creating ripples and tears in the floor. As a result, you floor becomes more susceptible to damage. Furthermore, too much water can cause staining and fading. This will obviously affect the appearance of your floor as it begins to lose its stunning, authentic look.

When cared for properly, laminate flooring requires less effort than other flooring types. Therefore, we recommend that when cleaning, you stick to a damp mop and dry it off completely when done. This should require minimal effort as stains and spills should wipe away easily. Ensuring you do not use too much water will ensure that your floor remains in excellent condition for years to come.


Avoid Cleaning Products Not Made for Laminate

If you use laminate cleaner, do so sparingly and apply it to the mop or microfiber cloth rather than directly to the floor. This will minimize the amount of moisture that gets on the floor and help reduce the risk of warping or damage.

Oil-based cleaning products that are not designed for laminate can leave stains and streaks that become impossible to remove. Additionally, wax and polishes should be avoided as they create stains as well as slippery surfaces that could cause injury to you. Even the best quality laminate flooring requires suitable cleaning products that are designed to maintain your floor’s stunning appearance.


Try a DIY Cleaning Product

You can make your own floor cleaner right at home. For regular cleaning, just combine a teaspoon of clear, unscented dish soap with hot water. Be sure to rinse well and wring out your mop before starting your next section.

If your floor has developed a slight film or waxy build up on it, you can instead combine a gallon of hot water with a cup of white vinegar. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and apply it to your floor. Let it sit for about five minutes before scrubbing it in with a brush or mop. Rinse the floor well and wring out your mop before starting your next section. Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent, and is effective and breaking down dirt without impacting the laminate surface.

Be cautious when making your own cleaning agents to not include anything that can stain or fade your laminate floors, because once the damage is done, it is hard to rectify it.


Trim Your Pet’s Nails

Whilst this isn’t a cleaning tip, it is certainly important to retain your floor’s lovely appearance. Whilst the best quality laminate floor is resistant to a lot of scratches, over time, pets with long and sharp nails can cause damage. Even with the best quality laminate flooring, deep scratches are impossible to remove and will begin to affect your floor’s appearance. Therefore, ensuring that your pets’ nails are not too long is a great way to preserve your floor for a long time.


Protect the Floor

Rugs and mats are a great way to protect your floors, particularly in busy areas such as door entrances where people may walk in wearing muddy footwear. Place a mat or rug at all entrances to your home and make sure everyone takes their shoes off before entering. This is a great way to keep mud located in one, manageable location and not staining your laminate floor.

Additionally, rugs under tables and chairs can prevent scratches, as well as collect food crumbs and spills. Whilst these will also need cleaning occasionally, it is far easier to put these in a wash instead of scrub your laminate floor.


At Tech Flooring, we believe that everyone should be proud of their floor. Therefore, aside from stocking, selling and installing the best quality laminate flooring, we are dedicated to educating people in how to care for their floor. If you would like to learn more about what we offer, or chat with one of our team, contact us today on 02081 507213 or

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Hallways can often be overlooked. They are the connecting passages to the rooms you spend the most time in but can also be the first thing that people see when they enter your home

5 practical and stylish floors for your hallway

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Hallways can often be overlooked. They are the connecting passages to the rooms you spend the most time in but can also be the first thing that people see when they enter your home so ideally you would want them to see stylish floors. Blending style and practicality in your hallway can be tricky, but it’s well worth spending the extra effort to make your hallway an interesting feature of your home. Here at Tech Flooring, we want to help you make the best of your hallway and so here is a list of the top 5 stylish floorings ideas for your hallway.

Practical and stylish floors in a hallway

Practical and stylish floors for your hallway

Laminate stylish floors for your hallway

Laminate is a popular option for hallways as it is low maintenance and easy to clean. It comes in a variety of styles and so can match whatever design you’re going for. Opting for a thicker laminate flooring is a good idea as the hallway is a high-traffic area. A thicker flooring will be more durable and able to withstand the paws, muddy shoes and bustle of daily life. Want to learn more about laminate floorings? Contact us today to get a free quote.


Vinyl floorings are fairly quick to install and very durable- making it a good option for hallway practical and stylish floors. It is very stain and water-resistant as well as being cost-effective. Not only can it withstand a lot of foot traffic, but it can help muffle noise which can be good in busy households. It comes in a variety of styles and colours and is a good choice if you’re on a budget. Contact us today to learn more and receive friendly, helpful advice.

Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT)

Luxury vinyl tiling is similar to normal vinyl flooring but it goes the extra mile and is compressed so it’s a thinner, harder and tougher flooring. The top layer can be embossed to form grooves, emulating wood or stone and creating a more realistic effect than normal vinyl. It is durable and water-resistant, making it the perfect option for a busy hallway. Browse our flooring options today and see how you can get the most out of your hallway flooring.


 This might not be your first choice when it comes to hallway floorings but carpets can be surprisingly good for hallways. Choosing a lighter coloured carpet with a busy pattern can disguise any dirt from daily life and make the hallway lower maintenance. Interested in carpeting your hallway? Get in touch today to browse our carpet options and find the best one for you.

Lighter Floorings for your hallway

In general, lighter coloured floorings with perhaps a busier pattern are the best option for hallways. Dirt and dust won’t show up as much on lighter floorings and this means you won’t have to be hoovering every day to keep your hallway looking great.

Contact us today to go over the options for your hallway and find the best stylish flooring for you.

Stylish floors for warehouse floors

Five ideas for your hallway

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Lets explore five ideas for your hallway. Often, hallways can be overlooked in a house or commercial property. They are transitional spaces that hold a place together. However, here at Tech Flooring, we believe that hallways can be the most exciting places in a home.

Most of the time, the hallway is the first place you come into when entering a home. It creates the first impression. It’s also the place you come into first when coming back from a day at work, night out or holiday. Hallways are the most underutilised rooms in the home and we want that to change. Not sure where to start? Never fear, we’ve rounded up five ideas for your hallway to live up to its full design potential.

Stylish floor in hallway - Explore five ideas for your hallway

Choose the right floor with our five ideas for your hallway

Finding the perfect floor for your hallway can be tricky. Due to the heavy foot traffic, the flooring must be durable. A great floor that blends style and practicality is luxury vinyl tiling.

Luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) is a synthetic floor that is super durable and stylish. It is made from layers of PVC vinyl. The top layer can be embossed to look like grooves. Because it is tougher than average vinyl, it looks and feels more similar to traditional wood floors. In fact, it is almost indistinguishable to wooden or stone floors.

LVT is a great choice for your hallway as it is durable and stylish- coming in a wide range of designs. Interested in LVT? We are industry experts and would love to help. Get in touch today to find out more about our range.

Add interest with wallpaper

Choosing a funky patterned wallpaper is a great way to add interest to your hallway. Pair a fun wallpaper with simple furniture and neutral flooring to really bring it out.

Don’t forget about storage in your hallway

Because hallways can be cramped, adding storage is a good idea. Putting rattan baskets out for general mess means your hallway can stay clear. Another tip is to put out a shoe rack so that shoes can stay clear of the door. This helps your hallway look uncluttered and keeps the focus on your design elements rather than mess.

Add rugs

This is great if you have a ‘shoes-off’ household. Guests can pop their shoes in the shoe rack and instantly have a nice shaggy rug underfoot. Rugs are also a great way to add pops of colour.

Try mirrors

Adding mirrors is a great way to make your hallway space feel less cramped. It’s also useful to do quick outfit checks before you head out the door!

Want to learn more about LVT floors for your hallway? Contact us today to get helpful information and a free no obligation quote. Want more tips like our article ‘five ideas for your hallway?’ then click the other sections in this blog for more great stylish ideas for your home.

Why is LVT flooring a great choice for hallways?

Why is LVT flooring a great choice for hallways?

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Lets explore why is LVT flooring a great choice for hallways. Luxury vinyl tiling (LVT) is a popular choice of flooring and it’s easy to see why. It is durable, waterproof and comfortable. Because it can be embossed, LVT can effectively mimic traditional wood or stone floors. If you’re looking to install a new floor in your hallway, LVT could be the perfect option for you. But what exactly is LVT and why does it work so well in hallways?

LVT is a multi-layered PVC vinyl material. It can be made into planks, meaning your floor can be fully tailored to your space. LVT floors are much thinner than regular vinyl floors. This means they can be placed down without disrupting your skirting boards. LVT does not absorb moisture, so is often a good fit for bathrooms. It comes in a range of colours and designs, so it can fit any interior.

Why is LVT flooring a great choice for hallways?

LVT can be made into planks

Why is LVT flooring a great choice for hallways?

Hallways are often overlooked in a house. They are transitional areas that tend to prioritise function over style. However, hallways are often the first place a guest sees when they enter your home. If done correctly, hallways can be a lovely way to create a good first impression. They can combine style, personality and functionality.

LVT is a great option for hallways because it is so durable. Hallways experience a high volume of foot traffic. Often hallways are an area where shoes are worn and the floor needs to be prepared for this. By choosing LVT, your hallway floor can easily withstand constant foot traffic. It is also waterproof so there’s no need to worry about spills and splashes. Although it is slightly more expensive than vinyl floors, its durability and look make it well worth it.

What design should I choose?

This entirely depends on the style of your home. If you’re looking for something classic and simple, try a wood imitation LVT floor. Lighter colours can make your hallway feel more spacious whilst also disguising dust and dirt. For something more fun, try a patterned LVT floor. Pair the patterned floor with neutral walls. You can try adding pops of colour on the walls with artwork.

A stone effect LVT floor will look modern and clean in your hallway. Charcoal or grey colours look sleek when paired with cream or white walls.

How can I keep it looking great?

One of the best ways to keep your LVT floor looking brand new is to use door mats. Having door mats inside and out of the home stops dirt from being tracked in. Having doormats also means you can spend less time hoovering and more time relaxing. Another tip is to have a shoe rack at the entrance of your home. Shoes can easily be put away and won’t clutter up the floor. Having shoes off significantly decreases any wearing or damage caused to your LVT floor.

Navigate the decision-making process for your hallway flooring with Tech Flooring’s expert assistance. If you find yourself unsure about the best fit, contact us today for personalised advice and a complimentary quote. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you toward a flooring solution that effortlessly blends style and durability, enhancing the overall appeal of your home.

Elevate your space effortlessly with our premium options. Don’t delay – reach out to Tech Flooring at 0208 150 7213, 07970 417029 or email us at now to ensure your hallway makes a lasting impression with a flooring choice backed by expertise, quality, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.