Extensive Selection of Carpets

At Techflooring, we proudly offer an extensive selection of carpets designed to cater to a wide range of budgets, room specifications, and interior preferences. Whether you’re in search of a specific color, fiber type, style, or texture, you’ll discover the ideal carpet to meet your needs within our collection. Additionally, our inventory includes an impressive array of carpets, underlays, and accessories, all aimed at ensuring your new flooring not only meets your expectations but also achieves a flawless finish.

Helping you select the right carpet

With our vast selection of carpets, we accommodate diverse lifestyles and financial considerations. Recognising that each home possesses unique requirements, identifying the perfect carpet that marries style and practicality can be a genuine challenge. At Techflooring, we are committed to streamlining your purchasing experience by offering expert guidance throughout the journey, from initial browsing to seamless installation.

Carpets that are practical in every way

Practically, virtually all carpets, regardless of style or type, share a fundamental construction principle: a surface pile or yarn firmly attached to a backing material. The carpet’s quality depends on various factors, including pile density and the composition of fibres or fibre blends used in its construction. Carpets are often favoured in family homes due to their inherent ability to capture allergens, dust, and other contaminants, which can be effectively removed through regular vacuuming.

modern room with cream carpet
Cream bedroom, with white double bed, black furniture and cream carpet.

No need for a showroom visit. We come to you!

When it comes to assisting you in discovering your ideal floor, we always go the extra mile at Techflooring – quite literally! There’s no need to trek up and down the high street in search of a carpet store. With a home visit or an online video consultation from Techflooring, you can experience our great service and flooring expertise from the comfort of your own residence. Therefore, if you’re contemplating the purchase of a new carpet schedule a Techflooring home visit, and we’ll bring our extensive flooring collection directly to your doorstep.


Picture looking down onto a staircase - a recent installation from Tech Floors London
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A black fluffy dog on a gorgeous greay shagpile carpet, sitting next to a coffee table.