Carpet or vinyl?

By 1st September 2021Carpet, Vinyl
Client couldn't decide between carpet or vinyl but ended up going for carpet tiles for a newly fitted room by Techflooring

Which is the best floor for you, carpet or vinyl?

It can be hard to know which flooring to go for in your home, especially when there is so much choice available. Finding a floor that works in your home in a practical and stylish way is so important to get right. Here at Tech Flooring, we want to help you make the best choice possible when it comes to flooring for your home or commercial property.

Two of the most popular flooring options available are carpet and vinyl. They are classic floors that look great in any home. Let’s dive deeper into both of these flooring types and see what each have to offer.

Client couldn't decide between carpet or vinyl but ended up going for carpet tiles for a newly fitted room by Techflooring

A recent installation from our team in London


Carpet is popular for obvious reasons- it’s comfy, simple and affordable. The first choice to make with carpet is whether to go for a wool or nylon carpet. Wool carpets are slightly more expensive due to their luxury feel and durability. Nylon carpets, however, come in a much wider range of styles and colours and are therefore better if you want something colourful and funky. Wool is more resilient and is good as a form of insulation- designed to trap heat.

It’s important to think about foot traffic when considering a carpet. A busier area, like the living room or hallway, should have a carpet with less footfall so it is more durable. The bedroom can have a softer carpet as it has less people coming and going.

Colour should also be considered when installing a carpet. Picking a darker coloured or patterned carpet means that dirt and dust will be disguised, making it a low maintenance option as you don’t have to hoover everyday.

It is recommended that you deep clean your carpets twice a year. You can rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself. This means your carpet can stay fresh and clean!

Interested in getting a carpet for your home? Contact us today to go through all the options and choose some free samples to find the best carpet for you.


Vinyl is a classic option for flooring. It is super water and stain-resistant as well as being very durable, making it the perfect choice for a kitchen or bathroom. The durability of vinyl flooring is a major benefit as it can withstand the bustle of daily life. If you have pets it’s a good option as you don’t have to worry about paw scratches, water bowl spills or mud- it can be easily wiped clean. If you opt for a thicker vinyl floor it can also help muffle noise. Vinyl floors are comfy underfoot and come in a huge range of styles so it can suit any interior design plans you may have. You can also look into Luxury Vinyl Tiling for something slightly more realistic.

At Tech Flooring we work closely with our clients, so whether you desire carpet or vinyl we are where to help,  providing top-notch advice and installations. Get in touch today to order a sample or get a free no-obligation quote.

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