Interior Design Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021

brown vinyl floor, with white walls and fireplace, decorated with a green wreath

It’s the start of a new interior design season, so there’s never been a better time to have a revamp of your home or property with a brand-new floor. The summer and spring trends were all about embracing light blues, pastels and bright colours in your home. As the weather gets colder and Christmas draws nearer, it’s a good time to turn to warmer colour palettes and interior styles.

Here at Techflooring, we love staying on top of the latest interior design trends. By keeping up to date with the latest trends, we are able to bring you the most popular and stylish options for your brand-new floor. So, let’s dive into the interior trends for this autumn and winter season.

brown vinyl floor, with white walls and fireplace, decorated with a green wreath

The Latest Autumn & Winter Trends

Bringing the Outdoors, Inside

Earth and nature

This has actually been a popular interior style throughout 2021. This trend is all about bringing a sense of nature indoors. Perhaps it is due to the lockdowns that happened last year that stopped us from going outside. Whatever the cause, we love this trend! This style features green, grey and brown tones. It embraces neutral colours and often pairs them with wood style furniture. Moss and lichen tones are also used to add beautiful green accents.

Looking to get this nature-inspired look for your brand-new floor? Why not try this Bamboo Touch carpet from Lano? Amazingly, this carpet features a high percentage of bamboo. Bamboo actually has anti-bacterial and humidity regulating properties. Coming in a range of gentle neutral tones, this carpet is the perfect choice for any nature lover. Get in touch today to get your free quote for this carpet!

All about green

You may have noticed that green has featured heavily in the above trends. Dark, forest green colours have been hugely popular this year. Try layering different shades of green in different areas of your home to get the look. A deep green carpet would be a great way to get this style. Get in touch today to chat about different carpet options.


Incorporating Warmth & Comfort

Dark colour palette

This style is a great option for winter that oozes warmth and comfort. This trend is all about dark, woody tones and heavily features dark brown, orange and red. This is a good way to add warmth and depth to your property whilst keeping it refreshingly modern. An imitation laminate dark wood floor is the perfect way to get this look. In this way, you get the look of wood without the expensive upkeep.

Cottage core

This is a hugely popular trend that allows for a lot of personalisation. This trend is all about creating a cosy, homely atmosphere. It often features cosy blankets with nostalgic patterns, wood accents and a sense of nature. It focuses on a slow way of living and often has reclaimed or vintage furniture as the star of the room. A concrete or wood style laminate or vinyl floor would be a great way to get this look. Plainer floors allow you to experiment with bold, patterned rugs that will make your home feel more inviting.


Hopefully, this has given you a springboard into the different trends for this year’s autumn and winter. Interested in having a brand-new floor installed? Contact us today to learn more.


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