A Funky Carpet: How and When to Use It

a funky carpet in a grey room

Carpets can often be disregarded as the ‘boring’ option for flooring, but this is absolutely not the case. When used correctly, a funky carpet can bring colour and personality to your property. Have you been searching for a funky carpet? Well, Tech Flooring could have the perfect carpet for you.

a funky carpet in a grey room

How to Bring a Funky Carpet into Your Space

Here at Tech Flooring, we stock and install high quality floors at reasonable prices. Recently, there has been a trend towards patterned and busy floors over classic neutral ones. Let’s dive deeper into the patterned and funky carpet trend to see what it’s all about.


Why should I choose a patterned carpet?


Surprisingly, patterned carpets can actually bring a lot of benefits with them. Because of their patterned design, they can disguise dust or dirt. This makes them a low maintenance option. The patterned design means you won’t have to be hoovering all the time. High traffic areas like hallways, stairs and lobbies suit these types of carpet. This means that a funky carpet works well for domestic and commercial properties alike.


Often, people can be nervous about styling patterned carpets. However, patterned carpets are surprisingly easy to style around. When you choose a funky carpet, it becomes the main focus of the room. You can then pair this carpet with a neutral colour palette in your walls and furniture. If the patterned carpet is colourful, pick out some of the colours to add to your palette. You can then add matching pops of colour with cushions, furniture and décor.


Which carpet design should I choose?


Once you’ve settled on having a funky carpet in your property, you then need to decide on the design that you want. Thankfully, there are lots to choose from. Make a decision about whether you want a colourful or neutral toned design.


If you are looking to add a patterned carpet to your staircase, the Avenue III carpet from Lano could be the perfect option. This carpet beautifully combines style, practicality, durability and comfort. It comes in a range of coloured and monotone patterned options. Not interested in any of Lano’s designs? No worries! This Axminster carpet is actually available for you to customise. This means that you can fully design and create your dream funky carpet.


Another patterned carpet that we love to recommend is the Maribo 78 carpet from Associated Weavers. This polyamide carpet is low maintenance, super durable and easy to clean. The pattern is subtle and can easily add personality to any room. Pera Palace 12 is another beautiful carpet from Associated Weavers. This deep red carpet has a gentle geometric pattern on it. This thick, luxurious carpet suits domestic and commercial applications.


Hopefully, this has given you a good look into the world of patterned carpets. Interested in having a patterned carpet installed or want to find out more? Contact us today to get a free quote. We are industry experts who are always happy to answer any questions or queries. Get in touch today!