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A luxurious bedroom, with a cream throw and patterned rugs

Best floors for your bedroom

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The flooring you choose for your bedroom can be crucial in how you feel as you start and end each day. The bedroom might be one of the only places in your house that you walk in barefoot so it is so important to combine the right feel with the right look. The bedroom is such an intimate space that says a lot about you and is also the place you want to feel most relaxed in. With this in mind, we here at Tech Flooring want to recommend some of the best floors for your bedroom.

A luxurious bedroom, with a cream throw and patterned rugsCarpet

This is an obvious and very popular choice. The carpet is soft underfoot and can help make your bedroom feel cosy and relaxed. It’s important to think about what kind of carpet you want to choose for your room. White wool carpets give a slightly more luxurious feel than nylon carpets do. They are often used because they are durable and can also muffle noise. Nylon carpets are also a popular option as they come in a wider range of colours and styles. Keep in mind the footfall of your carpet. As it is in the bedroom and won’t have as much foot traffic, you can have a much softer carpet than you would have on stairs and in hallways. Get in touch today to pick out some samples to try in your home.


 Laminate floors are quicker to install than traditional hardwood floors and are more cost-effective. They are easy to maintain and clean, meaning you won’t have to spend ages hoovering your bedroom. Choosing a thicker laminate floor means that there is an added benefit of echo/noise reduction. Laminate floors come in a huge variety of styles so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your room. Laminate floors mean you can also put rugs down which is a fun way to play around with styles and patterns. Want to learn more? Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.


Vinyl flooring is no longer reserved for bathrooms and kitchens, this stylish flooring can be a great option for your bedroom. It is durable and easy to clean as well as being comfortable to walk on barefoot. Luxury vinyl tiling in particular is very realistic and almost indistinguishable from real wood or tiles. Vinyl flooring is a great option if you have an en suite bathroom as it is super water-resistant. We can help you find the best vinyl flooring for your bedroom, just get in touch today.

The different elements to consider when choosing floors for your bedroom are feel, look and price point. Some of these may be more important to you than others. If you have any questions or want to find out more about our fantastic range, contact us today for a free quote and floor sample.

Small room showing a rug and sofa, office desk and cupboard

Working with small spaces

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When living in a smaller home or property, finding a balance of stylish design and practicality can be difficult. You can often find yourself looking at larger houses with lots of space for interior design and think ‘if only’. However, here at Tech Flooring, we love smaller spaces. We want to help you see smaller spaces not as a hindrance, but as an opportunity to get creative with interior design.

It may come as a surprise but the flooring you choose can have a big impact on how big or small a space can feel. Something as simple as a different floor colour can instantly make a space feel brighter, lighter and bigger. So, if you are looking to make your smaller property feel bigger, it’s best to start with the floor.

Small room showing a rug and sofa, office desk and cupboard


If you want to make your room feel bigger and brighter, try lighter-toned floors. Lighter coloured imitation wood floors, like laminate or LVT, are a great choice. These imitation wood floors have a timeless look and can go with any home. A lighter coloured floor is also fairly low maintenance. This is because it allows dust and dirt to be disguised. Because of this, you won’t have to be going over with a hoover all the time.

Lighter neutral tones are also a good idea. Greys and pale colours help make the space feel airy and light. You could go for an industrial style and pick an imitation concrete floor in LVT, vinyl or laminate.

Another option is to choose a dark floor. Though this may seem counterintuitive, this can actually help make a room seem bigger. A dark, striking colour adds depth to a room and makes it feel bigger. Why not try a dark walnut wood LVT or black Victorian vinyl tile style?

The main thing to avoid is medium shades. These can make a room feel cramped and small. Stick with striking, contrasting colours to make the most of your space.


It’s really important when working with a smaller space to utilize your furniture properly. Rather than having furniture and storage separately, try and combine the two. There are lots of stylish furniture options that also include hidden storage (e.g. window seats).

You could also pick up some wicker baskets and use them for a stylish storage option. These can then be tucked away under beds or tables when you need to make more space. If everything can be cleared and tucked away somewhere, you can give the appearance of space.

Other tips

Another tip is to use a few larger decorative items rather than lots of small ones. Using lots of small décor pieces can give a feeling of clutter- thereby making your space seem smaller.

Rugs are also a good idea. Not only do they help maintain your floors, but they also create the illusion of space.

Interested in having new flooring installed in your property? Trying to work with a smaller space? Get in touch today and we’ll go over all the details. Contact us today to book your first FREE consultation.



a beautiful statehome internal home image showing parquet flooring

Parquet Flooring

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Making a come back in modern design

Parquet floors have a timeless look and are present in many homes. Recently, they have been making a comeback in modern style interiors. The herringbone and chevron styles are particularly popular.

a beautiful statehome internal home image showing parquet flooringOrigins

Geometric design records show that parquet flooring was originally introduced in France during the 16th Century. The design was created by wooden blocks of different sizes and colours being laid in a geometric pattern. Simple wooden plank flooring did exist at this time. However, new innovations in tongue and grooves meant that floors suddenly became more extravagant.

These extravagant, wooden floors replaced the stone and marble ones of grand houses. This was because parquet was cheaper and easier to install than the old stone and marble. During the 1600s, parquet was the height of sophistication and elegance in stately homes and palaces. King Louis XIV of France installed stunning parquet floors in Versailles in 1680. This sparked a trend for parquet floors across Europe and they became a must-have for anyone seeking elegance.

History of parquet

Parquet floors arrived in England in the 17th Century. This was when Queen Henrietta Maria made Somerset House her official residency. She demanded a full re-decoration and wanted the lavish French parquet floors installed.

Parquet floors were still trendy in the 18th Century. They became even more extravagant and were used to display wealth and opulence.

However, with the rising popularity of textiles, parquet fell out of fashion. People began installing carpets over parquet floors. Amazingly, many incredible parquet floors have been revealed across Europe when carpets have been removed. Some of these floors have stayed hidden and in perfect condition for over 50 years!

Parquet floors today

Recently, parquet floors have come back into style and are appearing in many homes. The classic herringbone or chevron design looks clean and adds warmth to any room. At Tech Flooring, we offer parquet styles on vinyl floors. This means you can get the classic look of parquet, without the difficult upkeep.

Dark coloured parquet floors pair well with charcoal or grey walls. This pairing can make a big room feel more intimate and cosy. If you have a smaller space, choosing a lighter coloured parquet will help make it feel bigger. They are often used to add a sense of heritage and expand a room. Parquet style vinyl floors look great in kitchens, living rooms and even bathrooms!

Vinyl is waterproof, durable and stain resistant. It is also a low maintenance surface. This means you won’t have to be scrubbing and hoovering all the time. Get the parquet look in your home without having to compromise on upkeep or budget.

Interested in having the parquet style installed in your home? Get in touch today to learn more. We are industry experts, committed to helping you get the most out of your flooring. Contact us today for advice and to get a free, no obligations quote.

An empty office showing three black chairs and a grey carpet

Things to think about before choosing commercial carpet tiles

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Flooring for commercial properties

It can be difficult to choose flooring for commercial properties. Especially when seeking commercial carpet tiles. This is because commercial floors have to be the perfect blend of style and practicality. Laminate, LVT, vinyl and carpet are all great options for different reasons. However, if you’ve settled on carpet as your flooring of choice, there are a few things to think about first.

An empty office showing three black chairs and a grey carpetHere at Tech Flooring, we want to make the process of choosing and installing commercial carpet tiles as easy as possible. To help you out, we’ve put together a few things to think about before settling on your commercial carpet tiles.

What type of carpet do I want?

This is probably the most important decision when it comes to choosing commercial carpet tiles. Essentially, there are three types of carpet- wool, nylon and polypropylene. The type you choose is very dependent on the space and type of commercial environment.

Wool carpets are more luxurious than nylon and therefore more expensive. They are also more durable than nylon. Wool carpets are warm and offer effective insulation. If you are looking for a luxurious feel to your property, wool carpets could be the perfect choice. However, wool carpets don’t come in a huge range of styles/colours which is something to consider. They can also be a little tricky to maintain and so are not the best choice for busy properties.

Nylon carpets are cheaper but do not come with such a soft, luxurious feel. Nylon does, however, come in a range of colours and patterns.

Finally, you could choose a polypropylene carpet. These carpets are made from synthetic fibres that are soft but very durable.

 What property am I installing the commercial carpet into?

Different properties will need different kinds of carpets. If you have a commercial property that experiences a lot of foot traffic, a low maintenance, durable carpet is a good choice. Choosing a busy, lighter pattern will help disguise dirt and be lower maintenance. Lighter coloured carpets will also help make your space feel airy and bright.

Rental properties, for example, suit light coloured, durable carpets. In this way, they can be easily maintained whilst looking timeless.

Properties that experience less foot traffic can opt for darker, neutral tones. These darker colours will help make the space seem warmer.

Lano Custom Concepts range

One range that we highly recommend is Lano’s Custom Concepts. This range lets you choose from a number of high quality woven commercial carpets. Not only that, but this range allows you to personalise them, so they are perfect for your brand. Besides being beautiful and versatile, these carpets are also incredibly durable. This bespoke service lets you work with Lano’s designers to fully create your dream carpet. We are so excited and proud to install this range from Lano!

This article has hopefully given you a great jumping off point for choosing the perfect commercial carpet tiles. Still unsure? Give us a call today to get advice from industry experts. Get in touch today to order a free sample.


a cream carpet in a conservatory with a red sofa in the background

How to look after your conservatory carpet

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How do I keep my carpet looking good?

So, you’ve had your brand new, shiny carpet installed into your conservatory. The next question you’re probably thinking is- how do I keep it looking this good? Well, there are actually a few things you can do to help keep your conservatory carpet looking great.

Here at Tech Flooring, we want to help you get the most out of your conservatory carpet. Conservatories can be difficult spaces to maintain. This is because of its fluctuating temperature and proximity to the outdoors. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your conservatory carpet looking fresh for years.

a cream carpet in a conservatory with a red sofa in the background

Keep on top of cleaning

Often, conservatories are out of the way or at the back of the house. This means they can frequently be forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. However, in order for your carpet to stay fresh it should be vacuumed at least once a week. Make sure your hoover is on the right setting in order to clean your conservatory carpet efficiently. A good tip is to change your hoover bag and filter regularly as this helps it perform better.

Stop dirt from entering

This is a really simple way to keep your carpets looking great. Conservatories are often the entrance to gardens, and this means there is a high likelihood of dirt being tracked in. Stop the dirt from coming in by having a ‘shoes off’ policy. This also stops dirt from getting tracked through the rest of the house. Having a door mat is also a really simple way to cut down on dirt. This way even little paws will have some dirt cleaned off when they head inside.

Deep clean twice a year

This may seem like a bit of a pain but deep cleaning your carpet twice a year is essential for its maintenance. You can hire out a machine and do it yourself or get professionals to come in and take care of everything. This will help clean out the deeper dirt within your conservatory carpet. Deep cleaning also helps deal with deeper stains or smells. In this way, your carpet can stay looking brand new!

 Get rid of stains immediately

Obviously, spills and splashes can happen from time to time and it can be tempting to leave them. However, the best way to keep your carpet looking great is to clean them up as soon as they happen. If a spill is allowed to sit, it can get deeper into the carpet and create a nasty stain.

Blot don’t scrub as you remove the stain or spill to prevent it from spreading further. Mud or chocolate can be removed by scraping it with a knife and then vacuuming.

Conservatories can be the most relaxing place in the house to hang out in and your floor should reflect that! Carpets are a great choice for conservatories as they combine practicality and style. Get in touch to find out how we can install a gorgeous carpet in your conservatory today.

How is a subfloor professionally prepared?

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Subfloor preparation

If you’re looking at getting new flooring installed, you will need to prepare your subfloor. The subfloor is the bottom level underneath your flooring. It is essential that your subfloor is prepared properly to ensure your new flooring will lay down perfectly. Here at Tech Flooring, we recommend that you have your floor prepared professionally.

Professional installation is always a time saver

Having your subfloor prepared professionally means it can be prepped quickly and to a very high standard. If the floor is not prepared properly, it can cause long term problems for your flooring. Preparing your floor properly means you can get the most out of your floor and have it looking great for years to come!

The steps of preparation

But just what are the steps to preparing a subfloor? Here are, in basic terms, the steps for preparing a subfloor.

Commercial or Domestic subfloor? We install both.

Removing the old floor

This may sound easy but removing your old floor can be quite a painstaking task if not done properly. Not only does the actual floor need to be removed but also the sealants and adhesives holding it down. Sometimes, paint can be hard to remove from the subfloor. So, it’s a good idea to get a professional in to avoid any chipping.

Levelling the floor

 Often, the subfloor is not properly level. As a result, there can be problems and irregularities when installing the new floor. To avoid this, the subfloor must be levelled. High points are sanded down using various different tools- for example a screed. Next, low points are filled in with floor filler and neatly smoothed out. Cracks and holes are also filled in, providing better stability.

Checking the moisture content

Too much water in your subfloor can lead to warping, peeling and buckling in your new floor. Always check the moisture content. Once this has been checked, you’re almost good to go for the installation of your new floor!

Cleaning the floor

The floor is then thoroughly cleaned. Any dirt or dust is removed, leaving a beautiful clean surface to install your new floor onto.

Looking to install a new floor in your property? Browse our collection today and get in touch to find the perfect flooring for you. We offer laminate, vinyl, carpet and luxury vinyl tiling so there’s something for everyone. It is so important that your floor is prepared to the highest standard. If you’re looking to have brand new flooring installed, contact us today for friendly advice and a free quote.

Commercial floors in properties

Best floors for commercial properties

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What to consider when choosing a floor for a commercial property

Choosing a floor for your commercial property can be difficult as you want to combine practicality and style with cost-effectiveness. Often the floors have to withstand a lot of foot traffic and must be easily maintainable. Durable floors will last longer and mean you can enjoy them worry-free. Not all floors will be appropriate for commercial use and that’s why we here at Tech Flooring have put together this list of the best floors to use in commercial properties.

Commercial floors in properties

What are the best floors to use in commercial properties?

Commercial carpet options

Carpet is a good choice, particularly for offices. Choosing a carpet with less footfall means it won’t be too soft and can withstand the comings and goings of the workplace. Carpets can come in a range of styles to fit the professional atmosphere of any office or workplace. Choosing a lighter coloured carpet means that dirt and dust will be disguised and it won’t have to be cleaned as much. Contact us today to order samples to try out in your workplace and find the perfect carpet.

Laminate floors in commercial premises

Another good option is laminate flooring. Laminate floorings give a clean, professional look and come in a wide range of styles. They are hygienic and easy to clean, making them a great choice for restaurants and cafes. Thicker laminate has a more traditionally wood-like feel and can also provide sound insulation. This is good for commercial properties looking to reduce their noise. In high traffic areas, it’s good to use a darker coloured flooring. Laminate floorings are durable and easy to maintain so it is clear why they are a popular option for commercial flooring. Still have questions about laminate flooring? No worries, let us know and we can help with any queries.

Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT)

LVT is great as commercial flooring. Made from layers of PVC vinyl, it is very sturdy. It is designed to mimic wood or tile and has embossed grooves that make it almost indistinguishable from the real thing. LVT is very durable and has a scratch-resistant layer on top making it perfect for the busy bustle of a workplace. It comes in a huge range of styles and can fit whatever professional atmosphere you’re after. If you’re looking for something similar but cheaper, vinyl flooring has similar properties to LVT. It is also very sturdy and water-resistant. However, it is a little thicker and softer which is something to bear in mind when deciding.

All the floors offer different pros and cons, so think carefully about what you’re looking for before deciding. At Tech Flooring, we want to make the whole process as easy as possible for you and will be with you every step of the way from browsing to installation and aftercare. Get in touch today for a free no-obligation consultation and find out how to pick the best flooring for your commercial property.

A plain white bathroom with vinyl floor

Top five floors for your bathroom

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Choosing a floor for your bathroom

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing flooring for your bathroom. Not only does it have to look just right but it has to withstand lots of activity, humidity and be water-resistant. To make things easier for you, here is a round-up of the top five flooring choices for your bathroom.

A plain white bathroom with vinyl floor Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles tend to be the default flooring option when it comes to bathrooms. They are used for their sleek look and lack of water absorption. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of patterns and can be made to look like stone or wood. However, they are cold to the touch which can be a problem when it’s winter. They can also be quite slippery unless treated with anti-slip texturing.

Vinyl bathroom flooring

This is a popular option for bathroom floors as it is very waterproof and can withstand large amounts of water. Because of its sheet-like design, it can be placed easily and with almost no visible seams. It comes in a huge variety of styles to fit any bathroom style. Vinyl flooring is very durable and easy to maintain, making it no surprise that it is a popular option for bathrooms. Here at Tech Flooring, we can work closely with you to pick out the best vinyl flooring for your bathroom and have it beautifully installed. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote.

Luxury Vinyl Tiling bathroom flooring

This is another popular choice for bathroom floors. Luxury vinyl tiling is vinyl flooring that can be laid out to look like planks or tiles. The top layer is embossed, adding details like grooves that give the flooring a more realistic look. It is thinner than normal vinyl flooring and is, therefore, less disruptive to the skirting boards. Browse our selection of luxury vinyl tiling today or contact us for more information.


Stone is a stylish but less popular option for bathrooms. It is durable and adds excellent resale value to your home. However, it can be quite cold and some types of stone flooring suffer from moisture related issues. You can install underfloor heating to counteract the coldness but this can be expensive.


 Laminate flooring is a really good choice for bathrooms. It can be chosen to look like stone, wood or tiles. Hygienic and easy to clean, laminate floors are perfect for the bathroom. Here at Tech Flooring, we make the installation of laminate floors in your bathroom fuss-free and easy.

Bathrooms can need a lot of maintenance, so make it easy for yourself by choosing a flooring that will work with you and not against you. We hope you liked our top five flooring choices for your bathroom article. Still not sure which flooring to go for in your bathroom? Contact us for friendly advice and get a quote for your bathroom floor today.


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Sub floor preparation for an extension

How to prepare your concrete subfloor

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Prepare your subfloor

So, you’ve decided on a brand new floor for your property. This could be a vinyl, laminate, luxury vinyl tiling or carpet floor. Whatever flooring you’ve chosen, it’s important to prepare your subfloor prior to installation. This can seem tricky or overwhelming but it’s actually a fairly simple process. Here at Tech Flooring, we want to make the installation of your new floor as quick and easy as possible. To help you out, here are our steps on how to easily prepare your concrete subfloor.

Sub floor preparation for an extensionStep 1- Clean your subfloor

Assuming you’ve removed your old flooring, the first step is to clean your subfloor. It’s important to wash off any old paint, sealers or adhesive. This ensures the new flooring can be put down cleanly. Start by sweeping up large loose debris like leaves, mud and dust. Once that is cleared, go in with a hoover. Make sure your hoover is on the right setting and that the hoover filter bag is clear. This means your hoover will be more efficient.

Once you have hoovered, it’s time to mop. A good tip is to use two mops to clean- one for cleaning and one for rinsing. You can use a mild cleaning solution, soapy water or even just plain warm water. Go over the floor thoroughly so that no spots are missed.

Step 2- Make sure the subfloor is level

Your beautiful new flooring will lay down much easier if your subfloor is level. Test this with a level tool (or even a level app on your phone). The floor must be level and uniform within 3/16 inch every 10 feet. You can sand down any high spots. If there are low points, fill them in with levelling compound and sand until smooth.

Step 3- Make sure your subfloor is dry

This is so important for successful flooring installation. Leave plenty of time between cleaning and installation to allow your floor to dry.

Step 4- Check moisture levels

This is one of the most crucial steps in preparing your subfloor. Take a moisture reading for your concrete subfloor. If the rating is higher than 4.5%, the floor is not sufficiently dry. Always test the moisture rating, you would be surprised at how many old concrete floors retain moisture.

Step 5- Bring the new flooring in to acclimatise

The final step is to bring your new flooring in to acclimatise to the humidity and temperature. Bring your new flooring planks into the room. You can leave them in the box or take them out, either way works. Leave for 48 hours.

You are now ready for Tech Flooring to come and professionally install your new flooring. Interested in re-vamping your property with new flooring? Get in touch today to receive expert advice. Contact us to chat about the different options available and to get a free, no obligation quote.

A loft rom showing a sausage dog on a laminate floor

5 advantages to installing laminate flooring

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Why should you choose a laminate floor?

Laminate floors are multi-layer, synthetic floors built with an image layer and a protective transparent layer. Here at Tech Flooring, we love laminate floors and want to share with you our top 5 advantages to installing laminate flooring today.

Easier installation

 Laminate floors are actually quicker to install than traditional wooden floors and, due to their synthetic nature, can be cut and tailored to your space in a more consistent and precise way than wooden floors would allow. Want to learn more about a quick and easy installation of laminate floors? Contact us today for a quote.

A loft rom showing a sausage dog on a laminate floor

5 advantages to installing laminate flooring


Laminate flooring is super durable, making it perfect for areas of your house with a lot of activity- especially little feet or paws! Spaces like the kitchen, living room or hallways can suit a laminate flooring really well as it can withstand the bustle of daily life.

A wide variety of styles

Laminate floors are synthetic, it allows you to have a really wide range of choice when it comes to different styles. Imitation wood laminate floorings can help give your space a more natural, solid feel. These are practically indistinguishable from traditional wooden floorings. Another popular option is grey laminate flooring which can give a more contemporary feel whilst matching any changing interior design style you’re after. There are so many distinctive styles to choose from so get in touch today to learn more and browse different styles.

More hygienic than wooden floors

A big advantage of choosing laminate floors is that they are very easy to clean and are more hygienic than wooden floors. Their solid, smooth texture allows for hoovering, wiping and mopping to be easy and fast so you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing. They are quite stain-resistant and so are the perfect option for kitchen and dining rooms.


 Laminate floors have a huge advantage in that you can choose the thickness to suit your specific needs. If you’ve opted for an imitation wood design, a thicker laminate can feel more like a traditional wood surface. An advantage of a thicker floor is that it can also help with sound proofing and heat insulation. Thicker floorings are, however, more expensive than thinner ones so you can tailor the thickness of your floors in different rooms according to your budget and stylistic needs.

Laminate floorings are a great option for busy households and workplaces as they provide a blend of style and ease of use to highlight any space. Here at Tech Flooring, we want to help tailor your floors to your specific requirements and bring out the best in your home. We can help every step of the way, from installation right through to aftercare tips. Contact us today to learn more about our services and range of laminate floors or to get a quote.